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Body Sugaring

Body Sugaring


Tired of in-grow hairs and irritated skin? Do you shy away from waxing because of the discomfort? If so, then come and experience body sugaring, a 100% natural method to extract hair. Using only pure sugar, water and lemon from Alexandria Professional Sugaring Paste, the ingredient of this quick and painless treatment leave your skin feeling fresh, smooth and without any pain from irritation. This is the ideal treatment for delicate skin tissue area like the eyebrow and the bikini line. In fact, the hypoallergenic product in non-comedogenic, paraben free and contains no petro chemicals. Proof that it is so natural our source confirm that it is even edible!

What’s the root cause? The sugaring method extracts hair from natural direction of hair growth, allowing the sugar paste to penetrate deeply into follicle and gently remove the hair. Regardless of where the hair is on your body, this technique lubricates the hair root, ensuring for a painless process.

Come in to try Body Sugaring today.

Not quite ready for Body Sugaring? our beauty experts have also been trained in all skin-type body waxing treatment to create smooth, deeply conditioned and bump-free skin. 

 For all Waxing & Sugaring services, please note:

*All customs body waxing/ sugaring will be tailored to meet each client’s needs*
*(Prices can sometime vary due to hair length & texture)*
*(If there is something that is not featured on our list but you would like, please let us know & we can help you out)* 



Neva has been shaping brows for the past 15 years; she has developed the artistic eye and skill to best enhance your facial features. Neva can also remedy brow mishaps, which have already taken place. Whether correction is through waxing, tinting or permanent make-up, she will help you get your brows back in shape!